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We believe that working out should be fun! Let your inner ROCKSTAR shine and feel more confident in everything you do! Fitness that ROCKS!

RockstarFIT Instructors
Jennifer Caron

Rachael Kent (Rae)

Yoga - Tone it out! - POUND

Jennifer Caron

Fitness Trainer, Founder

I believe fitness can be anything you want it to be and that is does not need to be something you HAVE to do, but rather something you WANT to do.  I love music, all forms, and use the energy it creates to build classes that people look forward to showing up to.  I am very focused on form to protect the body, but I want classes to feel like a party not a job.  

I have been teaching classes for the past 10 years, all different formats, and I love everything I do.


AFAA Group Exercise Instructor, AFAA Personal Trainer, Tone it OUT! (Total Body Toning, Barre Burn, Dance it up!, Barre Stretch, Sculpt and Tone, Butts & Guts) Balence Point Barre, Balence Point Cardio Barre, POUND Fitness, DRUMS ALIVE, Keiser cycle, Sunrise Yoga, Yo-Chi

Sarah Williams

Savage Circuits - Tone it out! - Band up & Beast out!

KeAndra MacKram (Kea)

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