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Class Descriptions

Crazy Core


Challenge yourself to 25 mins of extreme core work!  5 Songs and a variety of movements from planks to starfish, pulse to sit-up and even a few partner songs!

Suitable to all levels of fitness  - modifications always an option

Requirements : yoga mat


Let the music move you!  Easy to follow choreography set to an array of pop songs perfect to bust out all your favorite moves.

Suitable to all levels of fitness  - modifications always an option

Dance it up!

Badass Blend

This is a combination class of Bunz and Guns, barre burn and Tone it out!  There is not much cardio in the mix, but the heavier weights and small barre movements will raise that heart rate.

Class is great for all levels of fitness.

Requirements - variety of weights, yoga mat & stable chair

Guns & Buns

guns and buns.jpg

This is a muscle class that uses moderately heavy weights and high repetitions to work each muscle group into great shape.  The focus is on the arms and legs but the back and core will be getting a strength workout as well.  The class is set to upbeat music making the time fly right by.

Materials needed:  3,5,8 and 10 lb weights - weighted bar (not necessary) - Fitness step (not necessary) - yoga mat

Sanity Sunrise YOGA / Barre Stretch


This class is transitioning to adding a bit more aspects of YOGA flow, but also uses the barre and focuses on the principals of barre.

 This class is gentle stretching class and suitable for all levels - you do not need to be flexible to do this.  Modifications can be made to all the stretches.

Materials needed:   yoga mat   - yoga straps or block if you like

Savage circuits 


This intense, weight training session that promises to push and motivate you! Savage Circuits is a 45 min class utilizing dumbbell and body weight strength training.

Materials needed:  Variety of weights and a yoga mat

POWER PARENTS - Stroller Fitness


My Stroller fitness classes cater to moms and dads of all fitness levels: pregnant moms, new moms, and moms with one or more stroller-aged children.

You DO NOT need to have a child with you to participate. Kids who are not in strollers are welcome to join in on the workout, but can not be left unattended by parent or guardian during class.

This is an interval-based classes that incorporates cardio, strength, and core for a total body workout. Great music will be played and fun games incorporating the kids with the workout as well. 

After each 45 minute session you will have a 15 minute “power play” for the kids. Moms must be at least 6 weeks postpartum (8 weeks for a c-section) with clearance from your physician to resume physical exercise. Pregnant moms must receive written clearance from their physician twice during their pregnancy for exercising while pregnant.


Please bring a yoga mat & resistance band.

Burlesque Burn

Who says working out needs to be boring?

Let that inner DIVA loose and let your hair down for a sexy new workout style!

Great for those who are looking to spice it up a bit and let those hips move! Its a full body workout that is designed to make you feel like the goddess you are!

requirements - a stable chair and some floor space

Burlesque babes were 🔥🔥 last night! Ca


pound 2.jpg

Band up & Beast Out!


It is time to step up that game!

Join us for the newest COMBO class - heavy weights and booty bands!  Combined with amazing music these 2 instructors will keep you smiling and working hard.

This class is not cardio based but you will have that heart beating and those arms and legs burning!

Requirements - a variety of heavier weights and booty bands.

Awesome Arms

This is a weight class that focuses just on building that upper body strength!

This class is normally 30 mins long.

Requirements  - variety of weights 


Barre burn focuses on proper posture, engaging the core and working deep to tighten and tone the muscles of the legs.  Using tiny  movements and isometic holds we work the smaller muscle groups and feel the burn working.

The class is normally 45 mins long and is all set to great music to to help distract from the work,

Materials needed: 2/3lb weights - 8 inch ball - yoga mat

barre burn logo.png

Barre Burn

tone it out logo_edited.png

(HIIT) A total body workout designed to be choreographed to music, rather than counted with reps, to keep the workout fun and the mind distracted. There are intense cardio busts followed by recovery of high repetition with light weighs to help tone the entire body. The class offers multiple options of intensity allowing all levels of fitness to participate.

Materials needed - light weights and yoga mat

Tone it out!

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